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Please find below some of the most frequently asked questions and our replies which we hope you find useful. If you can't find the answer to your particular question, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Best Price Possible

Why should I choose Homes Bought Fast over my local estate agent or a fast buying company?

Simple! We will get you the Quickest Sales and the Best Price Possible for your property.

How do we do this?

Firstly, we can buy your house in 7 days for Cash if you want this option.

Secondly, we achieve the Best Price Possible options because we market your property to the whole of the property market including: first time buyers, cash investors, the best local and national estate agents, all online property websites and auction agents. You simply cannot market a property more extensively than we do.

In addition to the extensive market coverage, we market properties at low guide generate maximum interests from all types of buyers (investors and owner-occupiers).

This combination means find more buyers and generate more viewings than anyone else.

Finally, what we do best of all, is manage all the buyers and agents through a bidding war process to get you the Best Price and Quickest Sale possible.

ACCELERATED COMPLETIONS: Not only do we get the Best Price Possible and Fastest Sales, but all our buyers have to complete within 28 days. Our buyers sign a contract and use our panel solicitors (who are experienced at fast completions) and pay a deposit to commit to buying the property at the agreed price and within 28 days.

Our buyers cannot reduce the price on completion, pull out or cause unnecessary delays otherwise they will lose their deposits.

No other agents have such a fantastic Completions Service!

Compare this to:

  • Your local Estate Agent with a small database of local buyers and no competition to sell hence properties languish on the market for months with few viewings and no offers and then you might get a low offer. There are no bidding wars here getting you the Best Possible Price. Also 70% of sales fall through as buyers are not committed
  • Online property websites that just list your property online are missing out on 60% of local buyers looking with estate agents and newspapers. They therefore generate fewer viewings and lower prices.
  • Fast Cash companies. These companies promise the earth but only have access to a small database of investors. If they ever do find a buyer, they will only pay 60-70% of the market value of your property in the end after promising you 80-90% and they take months to sell and no the 7 days or weeks they promised.

We cover the whole market and the result is more viewings, higher offers, fastest sales and best possible prices!

How much will I get for my property and how quickly will it sell?

We offer homeowners three fast-sale options depending on how quickly homeowners want to sell their property and how much money they need from the sale.

  • OPTION 1 - 7 DAYS CASH PURCHASE: If you agree to our super-fast Cash-Sale and accept upto 80% of the market value with NO FEES for your property in 7 days.
  • OPTION 2 - 100% BEST PRICE POSSIBLE & 28 DAY COMPLETION: You receive the full sale price on completion and pay your own legal fees and you will pay us our agency fee of 2.5% + VAT (min £3,995 + VAT). All buyers must have proven funds and contract with us to complete in less than 28 days, minimising as much as possible the chances of your sale falling through.

Will I have to pay any solicitors fees or agency fees?

You have a choice with Homes bought Fast to pay no fees at all!

With OPTION 1 you pay NO FEES whatsoever.

If you chose OPTION 2 you pay your own legal fees and agency fees of 2.5% + VAT.

Do you guarantee to sell my property?

What happens if you do not sell my property?

We live in the real world and it's impossible to guarantee a property will sell.

We provide the market leading way to sell your property but in the end, you may still want a price higher than any buyer in the market is willing to pay today.

We offer a 'no sale no fee' service. In the unlikely situation we do not sell your property, you have peace of mind that we have tried everything we possibly can to get you the price you want, but if we cannot, you can withdraw from sale with us at no cost to you.

What kind of properties do you sell? We sell all types of residential property from small studio flats to large detached houses, regardless of location or condition.

Does the condition of the property matter? No! We will sell any residential property regardless of age or condition.

It does not matter whether you have an old and tired kitchen and bathroom, whether the garden is overgrown or if the décor needs some attention.

Many of the properties we sell would be difficult to sell through a conventional estate agent because they need modernising.

How quickly would I have to leave my house?

I am in arrears with my mortgage and am worried about losing my home - can you help me?

Our aim is to work in partnership with you.

We manage completion dates to fit in with your specific requirements.

Yes we can! We have experts with experience of working with mortgage lenders to stop repossessions and help people sell who are in negative equity.

Once we have assessed your situation we will work with you to ensure the best possible outcome for you. In most cases we can stop the situation from spiralling out of control simply by letting your mortgage lender know as soon you accept an offer.

I am being threatened with eviction – can you help me? Yes we can! Our expert team can stop the eviction often with only 24 hours notice.

Our Service Promise

Will you provide me with a great service and are you registered with the Ombudsman Redress Scheme?

Don't just take our word for our service - please read what our customers have to say:

We are also registered with the Property Ombudsman Redress Scheme. If you have any complaints about our service, please speak to us first and we will work hard to resolve all your issues quickly.

If however, you are not happy with anything you are able to take your complaint with the Property Ombudsman:

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My mother needed to move to a more accommodating property as soon as possible. Homes Bought Fast were always at the end of the phone if they needed them. Always rang straight back. It was a really difficult situation and they were amazing and professional at all times.
Ms Price of Stoke on Trent, (July, 2013)

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